Ba Na Hills Golf Academy

If you wish to enquire about golf tuition for advanced player or beginner level, you can contact our team on or call +84 2363 924 888 for more information.

The Ba Na Hills Golf Club PGA Academy offers state of the art technology including Trackman 4 the worlds most advanced and newest premium radar featuring Dual Radar technology, all combined with a holistic teaching philosophy to ensure rapid improvement and importantly enjoyment and total comprehension of the game is attained by all levels of golfing experience from beginners to elite amateurs alike.

Our specialist team has created a variety of golf improvement programs and packages that takes into consideration your personal golf objectives and equally your available time.

We pride ourselves on having an experienced PGA professional accompanied with the latest coaching equipment and the highest level of customer service. Our difference is that we can provide our students and customers a state of the art environment for learning and practicing their skills regardless of their level, age or golfing requirements.

What students receive in a typical lesson

  • An allocated amount of tuition time or tailored golf package
  • Lesson-by-lesson comprehensive report
  • Trackman 4 launch monitor
  • Explanar swing trainer
  • Latest video analysis software
  • Variety of useful training aids
Rod Marshall - PGA Professional

Rod has been a member of the Australian PGA since 1986. Since then Rod has been a career PGA teaching professional amassing over 50,000 hours of coaching students in Australia as well as most recently in Vietnam where Rod has spent 18 months coaching in Hanoi.

Rod finds the greatest satisfaction comes from bringing new golfers into the game and watching them grow into passionate golfers. His teaching style is based on an understanding that all golfers are different. Not everyone is the same build, flexibility or have the same levels of coordination. Therefore Rod brings a new approach to each individual student; finding the best potential golfer within each student is Rods main goal.

Rod uses the latest in Technology including Trackman ball flight and swing analysis as well as many training aids which are used to provide the player exaggerated feel for swing development.

Instructional Videos